Timeless Sneak Peek: Even Nixon Is Afraid to Mess With Rittenhouse

Timeless Spoilers

Man, Richard Nixon was just full of secrets.

In this exclusive video from Monday’s Timeless (NBC, 10/9c), Garcia Flynn exposes a surprising connection between “Tricky Dick” and the series’ mysterious Rittenhouse organization when he plays a Watergate-era tape for a captured Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus.

“We have to give the press another story,” Nixon’s voice insists, before emphasizing how important it is that he not upset Rittenhouse. Because if he does, “I’m done. They’ll see to that. Not just with the presidency, but with my wife, with my girls,” he tells his aide. “Rittenhouse plays by different rules.”

The revelation piques Lucy’s interest and shocks Rufus, but will it be enough to get them to work for Flynn, who needs the time-travelers to find something for him in Nixon’s Washington?

Judging by the official description, they’ll bite — and get more than they bargained for: “While Rufus and Lucy are set on an investigative course that leaves them both rattled to the core, Wyatt’s tragic past erupts, and the secrecy behind Flynn’s hidden agenda begins to unravel.”

Press PLAY below to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the twist.

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