AHS: Roanoke: Season 6's 10 Most 'I Can't Believe My Eyes!' Moments

american horror story roanoke scariest moments

OK, technically, a better title for this countdown would probably have been American Horror Story: Roanoke’s Top 10 Most “I Don’t Want to Believe My Eyes!” Moments.

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Heaven knows, Season 6 of FX’s popular anthology series — with its variety pack of ghosts, man-eating rednecks and Lady Gaga as the original Supreme — has very regularly challenged its audience to watch without resorting to covering their peepers and peeking through their fingers.

But which of the show’s horrifying sights packed the biggest frights? Which of its gruesome murders sent us lunging for a bucket to barf in? And which of its trippy visions left us wondering what the hell we were even looking at?

Click on the photo gallery to the right to see how your friends at TVLine answered those questions. Then, as the season draws to what we’re sure will be its bloody conclusion (Wednesday, 10/9c), hit the comments with the scenes that dealt you the biggest shocks.

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