Trevor Noah to Violent Anti-Trump Protesters: 'Think of It Like Sex...'

Trevor Noah has a warning for protesters of Donald Trump: Keep your demonstrations peaceful, or “become the hate that you’re protesting against.”

The Daily Show host began his Thursday broadcast by stressing how important it is “for the world to see that not all of America supports” the president-elect, yet “going too far and letting anger consume us” is not the right course of action.

“We have to be careful about how we protest,” Noah argued. “You can’t be throwing bottles at the police. You can’t be burning effigies.” (Or batting orange piñatas.) “That’s not what American democracy is all about.”

The comedian then equated protesting to sex, with an analogy that’s hard to dispute. Press PLAY on the clip below if you’re curious, then tell us whether you think it was fair of Noah to single out Trump’s most aggressive protesters.