Megyn Kelly Refutes Debate Night 'Poisoning,' Trump Getting Leaked Qs

Megyn Kelly took to social media on Thursday night to discredit a New York Times review of her new memoir that insinuated that she might have been poisoned ahead of the first Republican primary debate.

In the Times‘ critique of Settle for More, it was implied that the Fox News personality became violently ill — so much so that she considered not participating as a debate moderator — after accepting a cup of coffee from her “suspiciously enthusiastic driver.” According to Kelly, the malady was nothing more than a stomach bug.

The Kelly File anchor also clarified the idea that Donald Trump was tipped off about a question ahead of the debate. The Times suggested this was hinted at in an excerpt from Kelly’s memoir about the president-elect reaching out to Fox News execs the day prior after discovering her first question would be about his misogynistic language used towards women.

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