Supernatural Team Previews the Winchesters' Quest to Stop Hitler — Plus: Watch a Caffeinated Outtake

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This Thursday on Supernatural (The CW, 9/8c), Dean and Sam take on perhaps their most important and unusual mission yet: thwarting the Führer’s resurgence.

Last seen in Season 8, the Nazi necromancers known as the Thule Society are back with a Jurassic Park-esque plot to resurrect Adolf Hitler. Fortunately, the Winchesters are onto their dastardly scheme.

“We believe they may have been in possession of a cursed object of sorts that might have a bit of Hitler’s soul,” star Jared Padalecki previewed during TVLine’s visit to the Supernatural set in Vancouver. “We have to go back and track the Thule and figure out if, in fact, they have succeeded” in reviving the Nazi leader via a 1930s gold pocket watch.

“Hitler’s vessel, thankfully, is gone,” Padalecki says, but the Führer still manages to make an appearance. “It’s fun to see the Supernatural take on what Hitler was really like behind the camera,” the actor adds.

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Naturally, the show’s portrayal of the infamous figure is a… unique one. “The way we describe our Hitler is ‘a psychotic Richard Simmons,'” executive producer Andrew Dabb shared at San Diego Comic-Con.

Also returning for the episode: Veronica Mars vet Adam Rose as Aaron Bass, the grandson of a member of the Judah Initiative, the secret group of rabbis formed to fight the Thule Society.

Press PLAY below to watch a sneak peek/outtake (courtesy of the production team), in which Padalecki and an overly caffeinated Jensen Ackles struggle to get through their lines.

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