Your Guide to TV's 100+ Reboots and Revivals: Knight Rider, Dynasty, Greek, L.A. Law, Twin Peaks and More

Reboot List

TV’s nostalgia kick is officially out of control.

Every week, a network or streaming service announces its plan to revive or reboot an iconic series from the ’60s (Lost in Space), ’70s (One Day at a Time), ’80s (Knight Rider), ’90s (Twin Peaks) or ’00s (Greek), and we’re going to assume that you’re probably struggling to keep up.

Enter your pals at TVLine. To help you keep track of the more than 100 revivals and remakes that have been announced in recent years, we’ve compiled a handy gallery that offers the latest information on where each project currently stands (e.g. the new A-Team has been benched).

NOTE: We’ve limited this guide to modern-day adaptations of TV shows and movies; we did not include small-screen versions of books, comic books or video games.

We’ll be updating the gallery as more reboots are reported, so be sure to bookmark this page. But for now, click through the gallery and tell us which upcoming reboot you’re most excited about, and which one you think should be best left in the past.

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