Lethal Weapon Sneak Peek: You Don't Wanna Tick Off Trish Murtaugh

Hell hath no fury like Lethal Weapon‘s Trish Murtaugh after she’s learned a boy did her baby wrong.

So even though Roger’s wife comes into the precinct rather angry at the start of this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode (Fox, 8/7c), her fury over her husband messing with their daughter’s boyfriend quickly turns into a wish to take the young man down — especially after she learns that he posted a promiscuous photo of Riana Murtaugh online.

“Hell to the no!” Trish shouts in her husband’s workplace, and it’s pretty funny, as is Murtaugh’s co-workers’ inability to pretend that they’re not eavesdropping on the couple’s highly entertaining exchange. In their defense: Wouldn’t you want to watch, too?

The hour, titled “Ties That Bind,” finds Riggs and Murtaugh investigating the murder of a young model, which leads them to discover (per the official episode description), “a vicious secret behind the locked mansion gates of one of L.A.’s wealthiest families.” Oh, and a friend of Miranda’s — Riggs’ deceased wife — is somehow involved in the case.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the Murtaughs do their imminently watchable thing (Damon Wayans and Keesha Sharp are just. so. good. together), then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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