Gilmore Girls Video: Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel ID Their Fave Revival Ep

unnamed-1Gilmore Girls fans, you’ve been tapping your wrist watch for the past 10 years — you can hold out for 18 more days, right?

On Friday, November 25, Netflix will release Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, its anticipated four-part, six-hour continuation of the beloved WB/CW series.

Waiting sucks though. This GG addict gets it, so much so that I’m determined to make it suck a little less. In fact, I’m hell bent on making the countdown to G-Day downright fun. And informative. And entertaining. Did I mention fun?

18Every day between now and Nov. 25, I will be featuring exclusive videos, photos and scoop about the revival from the main players themselves. And every story will include a handy graphic reminding you how many days remain until A Year in the Life arrives.

First up, on this the 18th day ’til Gilmore, I present you with the first installment of my on-camera, sit-down interview with Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. In this snippet (embedded above), the leading ladies of Stars Hollow reveal which of the four 90-minute installments (“Winter,” “Spring,” “Summer” or “Fall”) is their personal favorite. And then they explain why.

Oh, and if you can’t wait until Tuesday to see what Day 17’s treat is. I’ll be offering an exclusive sneak peek during Ask Ausiello Live today at 3 pm/ET. Yep, I’m spoiling my own spoiler. It was bound to happen. Details below!