Conviction Sneak Peek: Hayes Looks Into a Blind Side Story Gone Wrong

Hayes Morrison knows better than to believe in a “perfect family.”

Monday’s Conviction (ABC, 10/9c) finds the CIU re-opening the case of a wealthy white woman believed to have been murdered by the same underprivileged young man she and her family took in and treated as one of their own. (Hayes cheekily refers to the family in question as “The Blind Side.”)

As if that wasn’t enough for Hayes to deal with this week, she’ll also have to face the fallout from her latest TV interview, which may have seriously damaged her mother’s (guest-star Bess Armstrong) Senate campaign. On top of that, Conner is hiring someone from Hayes’ past to represent him while a major government investigation.

Hit PLAY on TVLine’s exclusive clip from Monday’s episode above, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Conviction below.

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