Rachel Bloom Leads Star-Studded, NSFW 'You've Got to Vote' Music Video

Rachel Bloom Vote Video

Crazy Ex-Gilrfriend has got a crazy Rolodex, as evidenced by the Rachel Bloom-led, star-studded and expletive-filled, “HOLY SH*T (You’ve Got to Vote)” music video.

Passionately and at times profanely urging people to vote in the presidential election (on Tuesday, Nov. 8!), the FunnyOrDie video features The Big Bang Theory‘s Mayim Bailik and Melissa Rauch, Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jason George, Jane the Virgin‘s Jaime Camil, Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Glee grads Jane Lynch and Naya Rivera, Parks and Rec alum Adam Scott, Tony winner Patti Lupone, singer/songwriter Moby, film star Elizabeth Banks, geek goddess Felicia Day and many, many others.

And in addition to its “vote!” message, the lyrics and visual editing also spoof the “We Are the World”-style videos that became a thing in the mid-’80s.