Benedict Cumberbatch, Odd Accent Interrogate Fallon in 'Mad Lib Theater'

If you were hoping to see Benedict Cumberbatch stretch his comedy muscle ahead of this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, look no further than The Tonight Show‘s eggs-cellent “Mad Lib Theater.”

In the sketch, filmdom’s Doctor Strange plays a detective with a truly bizarre accent (we’re picking up hints of Mark Wahlberg and The Big Bang Theory‘s Barry Kripke) who interrogates a thief (Jimmy Fallon) suspected of stealing more than 4,000 of a certain item from a department store.

Not to worry: Fallon breaks character right on cue, lasting just 15 seconds into the bit comprised of random verbs and adjectives — solicited ahead of time at the start of the segment, Mad Libs-style — before a case of the giggles emerge. As they say, some things just never change.

Press PLAY on the clip above to watch the unconventional interrogation (which officially begins at the 3:29 mark).