Obama Is Running for a Third Term?! Kimmel Gets the Public's 'Reaction'

Term limits be damned: President Barack Obama is running for reelection — at least according to the interviewer behind the camera on Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s “Lie Witness News.”

Thursday’s broadcast polled L.A.’s most naive citizenry about POTUS’ alleged decision seek out a third term. And while one woman was especially perturbed by the Commander-in-Chief’s supposed disregard for the 22nd Amendment, another pedestrian was overcome with joy. (To his credit, he initially appeared doubtful before jubilation set in.)

Press PLAY on the clip above to get the public’s reaction to four more years of Obama, then answer the following question: Would you reelect the sitting president to avoid the potential “s–tstorm” of a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton administration?

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