UnREAL Season 3: Meet the Female Suitor and Some of Her Eligible Hunks

UnReal SEason 3 Female Suitor Serena Character Description

If Alpha males, ballet dancers and/or man buns get your engine revving, you’re gonna love UnREAL‘s upcoming third season.

TVLine has become privy to exclusive character breakdowns for the new faces that’ll inhabit the Everlasting mansion when Season 3 gets underway. In addition to the name of the previously announced female suitor (or “suitress,” if you wanna be old-fashioned about it), we’ve got scoop on several of the guys who’ll try to win her attentions during the reality-show-within-a-show’s run.

At least as of right now, Everlasting‘s husband-hunter will be a 30-something named Serena. She’s described as a successful Silicon Valley venture capitalist who’ll win America over with her outward strength and inner vulnerability.

Among the guys who’ll woo her we have:

* Owen: a “dashingly handsome firefighter and Army veteran” who’s a single dad to a 6-year-old daughter. Though Owen is a good guy for the most part, his “fiercely masculine temper” — stemming from incidents in his past — might prove problematic.

* Jasper: a Wall Street investment banker who knows what an attractive mate he’d make for Serena. Yeah, he’s cocky, but he really wants to find love with the right woman. No, seriously!

* August: a professional surfer who left the sport to “join the Peace Corps and save the world.” He is the most perfect male specimen on the dating show this season; however, what he says and what he means don’t always match up. Also, this bit’s too perfect not to share verbatim: “He regularly showers under waterfalls, showing off his fantastic abs and man bun.”

* Alexi: a badass professional ballet dancer whose pliés have sculpted him in all the right places. He’s sophisticated yet tattooed, and he may be Eastern European.

And now, UnREAL nation, we turn it over to you. What do you think about these new characters? Who would you like to see in the roles? Fill the comments below with your ideas!

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