Suits Return Date Set — Who Steps Up to Keep the Jessica-less Firm Afloat?

Suits Harvey/Donna

USA Network has announced a Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017 return date for Suits — as well as teased the start of a new “chapter,” in the wake of Jessica’s bittersweet sendoff.

Already renewed for Season 7, the legal drama’s six remaining Season 6 episodes pick up immediately after the midseason cliffhanger that left Pearson Specter Litt in the hands of Harvey and Louis.

Forced to set aside their personal animosities in an effort to keep the struggling firm afloat in the wake of Jessica’s exit, Harvey and Louis “more than ever will rely on the wit and intuition of Donna and Rachel, their most trusted advisors, to keep them on track,” the official synopsis reads.

Elsewhere: Mike, freed from prison and finally reunited with Rachel, navigates the reality that he is no longer a lawyer, while love is in the air following Louis’ proposal to his pregnant girlfriend Tara.

Here’s a micro teaser for the new “chapter” to come:

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