World Series Game 7: Pitch Boss, Other TV Insiders React to Dramatic Twists

World Series Game 7

As the Cleveland Indians tied things up with the Chicago Cubs late into Game 7 of the World Series, followed by a sudden and seemingly endless rain delay, Twitter served up a variety of humorous reactions — including some meta ones from those in the biz of making TV magic.

For example, Pitch creator Dan Fogelman could only admire the nailbiting twists in the deciding game between two underdog teams:

Ditto, Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim:

… and writer Aaron Fullerton (Graceland):

Of course, some actors were trying to work on Thursday night, during the barnburner. Good luck with that!

And then, of course, you had Angel trying to calm down Buffy:

Speaking of the Buffyverse…..

What were your favorite tweeted takes on the intense Game 7?

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