Superstore Sneak Peek: Cloud 9 Wants You to Vote (For Their Candidates)

Superstore Video Season 2 Election Day

Still not sure who to vote for? Don’t worry: Your friendly neighborhood superstore has a few not-so-subtle suggestions.

In this exclusive sneak peek at Thursday’s election-themed episode of Superstore (NBC, 8/7c), Amy and Jonah are annoyed to find a voting guide from Cloud 9 corporate jammed into their lockers. They take their grievances to manager Glenn, but he doesn’t see the problem: “I love getting mail!”

Jonah explains how the heavily slanted election guide promotes Cloud 9’s preferred candidate for state senator by saying he “supports your right to work,” rather than calling him anti-union. (“Let’s not use the U-word,” Glenn cheerfully warns.) Meanwhile, the guide refers to his opponent by his “Slick” nickname and claims he “has never gone on record as being ‘pro-America.'”

Glenn’s not too worried, though: “It’s not like anyone around here ever reads anything anyway.” And to prove that, he quizzes Amy and Jonah on what his recent emergency-safety memo was about. Yeah, they didn’t read it. Good point, Glenn!

Press PLAY on the video below to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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