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Halloween Binge Guide: 10 TV Classics From Buffy, The Office, Friends and More — Plus, Where to Stream Them

TV Best Halloween Episodes

Horror movies may be all the rage on Halloween, but what about all those gems hiding out on the small screen?

Countless new Halloween-themed TV episodes are cranked out every year, and thanks to the magic of streaming services, we can revisit our favorites from days gone by — because we all know that nothing pairs better with candy corn than a side of nostalgia.

To that end, Team TVLine rounded up 10 classic Halloween episodes that we find ourselves replaying year after year. And not to pat ourselves on the back (too hard), but we went pretty far back into the vault for some of these, including one from (gasp!) 1974.

Whether you prefer dramatic tricks or comedic treats, we think we’ve curated a pretty mixed bag for you, ranging from The Office‘s holiday party gone wrong to Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s costume party gone… well, also wrong. (Look, a lot of things can go wrong on Halloween, OK?)

Click through our gallery of Halloween TV classics, then drop a comment with your own: Which episodes would you add to the list?

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