Supernatural Recap: It's All Relative

Supernatural Recap

Having rescued Sam from the British Men of Letters, Supernatural returned to telling a good, old-fashioned ghost story this Thursday — albeit with a family twist.

Dean and Sam are no longer the only Winchesters on the Things That Go Bump In the Night beat. In fact, it’s Mary who discovers their latest case and insists on getting in on the action. While the increased prevalence of technology holds her back at times, Mary’s instincts are still spot-on.

But even a good hunt isn’t enough to make the Winchesters’ resurrected mom feel like she belongs. Nor is her and Dean’s shared love of bacon, even when it’s cold. (“We are so related,” he notes.) But they do make the cut for our gallery of the hour’s best moments, which also includes Dean’s surprising reaction to Mary’s unexpected news.

Elsewhere, Lucifer tries to stave off the aging process with magic — imagine a Real Housewife with a witch at their disposal — while Cas and Crowley take on a power couple alias to track down the fallen angel.

Click the gallery above to relive the episode’s highlights, then hit the comments with your favorite scenes.

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