Flash Photos: Meet Caitlin's Icy Mom

In the wake of her chilling discovery at the close of this week’s episode, The Flash‘s Caitlin Snow will seek out her estranged mother for answers — as seen in these first photos from the Season 3 episode “Monsters.”

Desperate to understand what is happening to her, Caitlin (played by Danielle Panabaker) visits her mom, Dr. Tannhauser (The Vampire Diaries’ Susan Walters), a renowned biomedical researcher, in the hopes of getting some answers about her growing meta-human powers. But when Dr. Tannhauser treats her daughter like a test subject, “Caitlin grows cold” (says the CW synopsis) and brings up past wounds, causing the two to have a major blowout.

Elsewhere in the Nov. 1 episode, after a mysterious new meta-human attacks Central City, Barry tries to convince persnickety Julian to let him assist on the case. Good luck with that, Mr. Allen!

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