Samantha Bee Condemns Catholic Hospitals for Abortion Stance: How Can Suffering 'Mean So Little to You?'

Samantha Bee went on a crusade against the Catholic Church on Monday for allowing its dogma to jeopardize the well-being of pregnant women.

Triggered earlier in the episode by presidential debate moderator Chris Wallace conflating partial birth abortions, which no longer exist, with late term abortions, the Full Frontal host examined the inner workings of Catholic hospitals and the religious beliefs that prevent them from terminating pregnancies even when the mother’s life is in danger.

“I don’t have a joke here… I’d like a word with the priesthood,” Bee declared, before launching into a thought-provoking monologue. “How can our suffering and danger mean so little to you? Modern obstetric medicine is a miracle. It’s the reason women in developed countries don’t have to choose between having children and being alive. A miscarriage is already the worst day of a woman’s life, and in a Catholic healthcare network, it could also be her last.”

Bee, flummoxed by one bishop’s decision to excommunicate a nun for approving an abortion to save a mother’s life, contended that the religious Powers That Be are stuck in the Middle Ages.

“Millions of decisions about American vaginas are being made by people who have never owned one or touched one,” she argued. “When I need reproductive advice from a virgin in a bathrobe, I’ll let you know.”

Watch the complete Full Frontal segment above, then weigh in below.