Charles Barkley Sounds Off in TNT's Race Card Promo: 'Nobody's an Expert'

“Race has been the biggest problem of my adult life, and I want to provide a conversation.” That’s how Charles Barkley sums up his involvement in The Race Card, in a first promo for the six-episode TNT series.

Noting that the unscripted program (premiering in 2017) addresses longtime problems yet comes at a time of great “racial divide, uncertainty,” host Barkley says, “People never talk about race until something bad happens, and then all they do is yell and scream.”

For The Race Card, the NBA legend will travel around America in an effort to “bust up the echo chamber mentality that so often has people retreating to corners of the like-minded,” says a network synopsis, “where views are reinforced and ideas are distorted into angry, unexamined groupthink conclusions.”

To that end, he will “seek out the sharpest and most varied viewpoints from today’s cultural leaders and tastemakers [and] challenge and probe those ideas, even trying them out on himself.”

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