Real O'Neals Video: Kenny Goes Gaga for Halloween (aka 'Gay Super Bowl')

Tuesday’s episode of The Real O’Neals (ABC, 9:30/8:30c) marks Kenny’s first Halloween since coming out to his family, and he’s going big — like, we’re talking a full-blown musical number here.

And why shouldn’t he? As explained by ESPN sportscaster Neil Everett in TVLine’s exclusive clip, All Hallow’s Eve is the “biggest night of the year … the gay Super Bowl!”

“This is what it’s been all about,” Kenny tells himself as he takes the field, surrounded by exquisitely costumed backup dancers. “It’s a dream come true, a night where I can totally be me with no judgment.”

That said, The Real O’Neals is still a sitcom, so we’re sure Kenny’s plan is bound to face an obstacle or two — possibly in the form of a certain whistle-wielding Catholic mom?

Hit PLAY on the clip above, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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