SNL Lampoons Third and Final Debate

Saturday Night Live this evening brought together Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton, possibly for the last time.

The comedy all stars faced off in SNL‘s parody of the third and final presidential debate, which began with Trump declaring he’d be quieter this time around before quickly becoming unhinged when asked about abortion and women’s rights. He later launched into a rant about meeting with the Mexican president, “Mr. Guacamole,” and got a big laugh from the audience when he claimed after multiple sexual assault allegations that he has more respect for women than anyone else.

Clinton, on the other hand, completed a Trump bingo card she allegedly began at the start of her opponent’s campaign. Later, she launched into a regurgitation of her accomplishments from the last 30 years.

Tom Hanks, who portrayed moderator Chris Wallace, remarked that much like the third Lord of the Rings film, audiences wouldn’t want to watch this debate but had “come this far.”

What did you think of SNL‘s take of Debate No. 3? And of the four cold opens Alec Baldwin’s Trump has appeared, which has been your fave? Drop your thoughts in a comment below.