Good Wife's Josh Charles Makes the Legal Case for Hillary Clinton — Video

Josh Charles Hillary Clinton Video

Don’t get it twisted: Josh Charles and Will Gardner are two different people — and they’re both #WithHer.

Charles appears in a new public service announcement for Hillary Clinton‘s campaign, urging lawyers and law students to join the Hillary for America Victory Counsel, a group designed to get all eligible voters to the polls. And, yes, Charles’ script includes a wink at his late, great Good Wife character. (“Some people think I’m an actual lawyer.”)

And here’s another fun TV connection: Dan Rydell, Charles’ character on the short-lived ABC series Sports Night, admitted to having a crush on Clinton, who was still First Lady at the time. Dan confessed his feelings in a 1999 episode, though he claimed his crush was “more than physical. It’s cerebral.”

Hit PLAY on Charles’ video for the Clinton campaign below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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