Secrets and Lies Video: Eric Reaches His Breaking Point With Detective Cornell

Secrets and Lies‘ Eric Warner sure has a funny way of trying to prove he didn’t kill his wife.

In TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek of Sunday’s episode (ABC, 9/8c), Michael Ealy’s character is so tired of Detective Cornell’s antics — aren’t we all? — that he straight-up refuses to cooperate with her investigation.

“I didn’t kill my wife, so it doesn’t matter,” he tells Juliette Lewis’ character, whom I imagine is very chilly without her signature trench coat. “I told you about Kate’s black eye, and I came to you about Liam’s disappearance. Nothing gets through. Clearly you don’t believe a word that I say. The only thing left for me to do is to stop talking to you.”

Well, this should make for some interesting dialogue moving forward…

Hit PLAY on the preview clip above, then drop a comment below with your theories: Who do you think killed Kate Warner?

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