MacGyver Sneak Peek: Jack Shows Off His Salt-N-Pepa Karaoke Skills for Mac

You think Jack doesn’t know how to sing, Mac? Don’t “Push It.”

In this exclusive first look at Friday’s all-new episode of MacGyver (CBS, 8/7c), Jack (George Eads) and Mac (Lucas Till) agree that there should be “no more secrets” between them. So with that in mind, Jack confesses that he thinks Mac has terrible fashion sense: “Do you get dressed in the dark?”

A wounded Mac fires back by criticizing Jack’s singing skills, adding: “You butcher Iron Maiden.” But he messed with the wrong crooner. Jack insists that he’s a karaoke champion “in, like, four states” — and proves it with an a capella rendition of Salt-N-Pepa’s hip-hop classic “Push It.” (He even adds a little dance!)

Mac isn’t impressed, though: “What did Salt and Pepper ever do to you?” Jack quickly corrects him: “It’s Salt-N-Pepa.” You might pronounce it right, Jack, but those dance moves? Don’t quit your day job.

Press PLAY on the video above to check out Jack’s karaoke audition, then hit the comments to weigh in: Would you hand him a trophy?

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