Scream Halloween Special Trailer: Has Brandon James Returned to Lakewood?

How exactly does one celebrate surviving two mass murders? If you’re a member of the Lakewood Six, the answer is: Head to a haunted house and immediately throw yourself back into harm’s way.

MTV on Tuesday released the first official trailer for Scream‘s upcoming Halloween special (Oct. 18, 9/8c), which picks up after the events of the drama’s second season finale. In this brave new world, Emma is still being tailed by the media, while Brooke is planning on a move to the Big Apple with Gustavo, who apparently teamed up with Noah to write a best-selling (graphic?) novel.

The special finds Emma and the gang visiting a nightmarish island, where they think Kieran might be tracking them down to finish what he started two seasons ago. But wait… who’s the “Mr. James” being welcomed to Lakewood in the trailer’s final moments?

This is a lot to process, so hit PLAY on the trailer above, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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