Stephen Colbert Gets Catty, Literally Sings Ken Bone's Praises in Late Show's Second Presidential Debate Video

Not even the promise of a vacation day could keep Stephen Colbert from weighing in with his thoughts on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s tense rematch.

“Yesterday was the second presidential debate, and like with all sequels, it left you wondering, ‘Why do they keep making these?'” the Late Show host says in a video posted to the show’s YouTube channel on Columbus Day.

Cleverly substituting an actual kitten for the word “p–sy,” Colbert discusses Trump’s infamous leaked audio clip, specifically offering his condolences to every parent who had to spend the weekend explaining who Billy Bush is to their children.

From Trump’s sniffing fit to the inexplicable online popularity of sweater god Ken Bone, Colbert touches on each of the evening’s key players; that last guy even got his own song.

Hit PLAY on the video above for Colbert’s thoughts on the second debate, then drop a comment with your own thoughts below.