Portlandia Video: Season 7 Kicks Off With an Musical Ode to White Guys

Sure, women and minorities are getting a lot of press these days. But what about all the poor, forgotten white guys?

Portlandia hasn’t forgotten them. This just-released clip from Season 7 of IFC’s sketch series (premiering in January) has stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein playing a couple of frustrated white dudes complaining about the short shrift guys are getting these days: “Men need safe spaces, too.”

They break into an emo-style musical number entitled “What About Men?” where they urge us to remember all the great things dudes have accomplished over the years, like writing the Bible and inventing light bulbs. (“You talk about equality/Well, why don’t you hold the door for me?”)

Carrie’s stubbly man character is especially concerned over who’s going to be sitting in the Oval Office: “If I had a son right now, he might not know what it’s like to have a white male President.”

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the sneak-peek clip, then hit the comments to remind us of more things men have invented. (Baseball! Chainsaws! Beer helmets!)

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