Ioan Gruffudd, Joanne Froggatt to Star in Sundance Miniseries Thriller

Ioan Gruffudd and Joanne Froggatt are about to become entangled in an intricate web of secrets and lies.

The Forever and Downton Abbey alums are set to star in Sundance’s Liar, a six-episode thriller produced in conjunction with the UK’s ITV. 

Per Sundance, the forthcoming miniseries tells the story of Laura Newell (Froggatt), a school teacher fresh out of a relationship who reenters the dating scene with Andrew Ellis (Gruffudd), a surgeon who just so happens to be the father to one of her students. Together they share a night that changes both of their lives forever, with neither fully aware of the ramifications their meeting will have on each other or their loved ones as secrets, lies and deceit are brought to light.

Production on Liar, which hails from Golden Globe nominated duo Harry and Jack Williams (Amazon’s Fleabag), is scheduled to begin in London and Kent this November.