Samantha Bee Slams Media for Serving as Hillary Clinton Smile Police — Watch

Samantha Bee on Wednesday objected to the double standard that bore down on Hillary Clinton ahead of the first presidential debate.

The Full Frontal host dinged the media for insinuating Clinton had to smile more than opponent Donald Trump if she wanted to come across as a likable, “three-dimensional person” opposite her male opponent. She also mocked CNN for bringing in a “body language expert” on Tuesday to critique the authenticity of Clinton’s grin.

Bee, best summing up the Fourth Estate’s impossible expectations, insisted pundits wanted her to “be perfect but not too perfect, save us from fascism but like, don’t be a bitch about it.” She later insisted that “anyone who can make their face do this,” pointing to a photo of a seemingly at-peace Hillary and Bill just weeks after he admitted to the Monica Lewinsky affair, “does not need a lecture on the virtues of political smiling.”

Watch the complete Full Frontal segment above, then let us know if you think the media expected too much (or perhaps too little) of Clinton.