Once Upon a Time Video: Evil Queen Makes Zelena Choose Between Sisters

This week on Once Upon a Time, the Purely Evil Queen invites Zelena to partake in a twisted sister act and “teach Regina a lesson” — but will the opportunistically wicked witch want in?

In the exclusive sneak peek above, the Evil Queen breezes past Regina’s protected vault in order to restock on magical goodies, having burned through The Dragon’s stash — and maybe the old man himself! — to get this far in her revenge scheme.

Will Zelena help her “sister” get back at her “better half”? Press play above.

Elsewhere in the second episode of Season 6, titled “A Bitter Draught,” David and Snow work with Regina to neutralize the threat; Belle seeks Hook’s help finding a place to hide from Rumple; Emma shares her deadly vision of the future with Archie; and Craig Horner (Legend of the Seeker) guest- stars as the Count of Monte Cristo.

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