New Girl Sneak Peek: Schmidt Disses Trump and Hillary, Endorses [Spoiler]

Here are three words you never thought you’d read: Schmidt is abstaining.

In tonight’s political-themed New Girl, Max Greenfield’s conservative-leaning alter ego informs Jess that he will not be voting for Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump this November (a development we teased earlier this month). Rather, he’ll be boycotting the election altogether, since his preferred candidate isn’t even in the running.

“I’m only focused on one election,” he declares in the above clip. “The election that matters: Paul Ryan: 2020.”

Jess and Cece, meanwhile, are unequivocally on Team Hillary — so much so that they’re on a mission to sign up as many registered voters as possible. Schmidt, naturally, is having none of it, labeling the former Secretary of State a… actually, press PLAY above and let him tell you.

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