Undecided Voters React to Debate... Before They've Actually Watched It

If the outcome of the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton comes down to these undecided voters, then prepare to be very, very scared.

No matter which way you lean politically, there’s reason to be worried following Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, which polled undecided voters on who they thought won the first presidential debate hours before it even took place.

While TVLine readers ultimately decided that Clinton was the victor after watching the first of three televised face-offs, those quizzed during “Lie Witness News” had no trouble claiming Clinton was “very poise-ful” before the proceedings even occurred. One woman, in particular, was pleased to see how Clinton handled herself when Trump allegedly challenged her to a series of pull-ups. (Yes, really.)

Watch the segment above, then answer the following question: Does this latest edition of “Lie Witness News” make you more or less nervous about the outcome of the election?