Pretty Little Liars Series Finale Scoop: Weddings, Deadly Encounters and Toby's Fate (Possibly) Revealed

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers

It’s hard to believe, but at this very moment, Marlene King is busy crafting the final episode (ever!) of Pretty Little Liars. What’s not hard to believe, however, is that she’s sharing excerpts from the finale with the fans that have been there every step of the way.

King on Friday tweeted several screenshots of the finale script, offering vague spoilers about a wedding, a murder and a character whose fate previously hung in the balance. (Here’s a hint: His name rhymes with Moby.)

For starters, Spencer tries to get Alison to join her and the rest of the girls somewhere, but Ali seems somewhat reluctant:

There’s also this sweet line from Toby — who apparently does survive that car accident:

And it looks like the series finale will host one of the several weddings we can expect in Season 7B:

But it’s not all fun and romance. Look at this spooky excerpt:

And because King is nothing if not a heartbreaker:

What do you make of these teases, PLL Nation? Drop your wildest theories in a comment below.

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