Gotham's Ivy Is (Literally) Bigger and Badder Than Ever — Watch Out, Selina!

Gotham Season 3 Spoilers

Thanks to an unexpected blast of Marv’s Miracle-Gro touch, Gotham‘s Ivy Pepper will have grown like a weed when next we see her in Monday’s episode (Fox, 8/7c).

And the changes to the street rat aren’t merely physical. “She’s obviously aged physically, but she’s also changed on the inside,” says Maggie Geha, who has taken over the role from Clare Foley. Having blossomed into a young woman, “She definitely has a new confidence to her. The transformation brings out a bit of her manipulative side — and some evil.”

Not that Ivy quite understands what has happened to her, after getting briefly grabbed by Fish’s enhanced henchman and then tumbling into a water main.

“Mentally, she’s foggy. She’s confused by what happened to her, and she doesn’t recognize her own face,” says Geha. “I think she wonders if it’s all a dream, but then again she doesn’t care. She’s like, ‘OK, wow, now I’m a woman — and I love it!'”

One thing Ivy doesn’t love, however, is her longtime gal pal Selina, whom she believes left her to be dispatched with by Fish’s goons. “Ivy is not aware that Selina chased after her and tried to help, so she feels very much that she was on her own during that horrible experience, and Selina didn’t come to her aid. So when Ivy wakes up, she’s pissed. Her only friend in the entire world abandoned her — in her eyes.”

And yet Selina will feel equally betrayed by her formerly little friend. As Camren Bicondova explains, “Selina thought Ivy died, and that it was her fault, so for her to come back to life and not tell her what happened… that’s a whole thing! It’s a very tense relationship at first.”

As for Miss Pepper eventually gravitating toward her destiny as the villainess Poison Ivy, Geha says some seeds will be planted.

“The new Ivy doesn’t like anybody. She sees people as a plague on the Earth,” the actress explains. “But she loves plants. It’s like when you’re in an airplane and you feel a bit claustrophobic because the air isn’t good quality — Ivy needs plants to feel normal, to ‘breathe.’ Humans, though, she sees as just wastes of space.”

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