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Grey's Anatomy Premiere Sneak Peek: Alex's Crisis Intensifies, Jo Still MIA

Where. The. Heck. Is. Jo?!

ABC has rolled out another early look at Grey’s Anatomy‘s Season 13 premiere (Thursday, 8/7c), and, once again, the footage centers on the fallout from Alex’s vicious pummeling of Andrew. The new sneak peek also, once again, features nary a glimpse of the woman at the center of the cliffhanger-y skirmish, Alex’s main squeeze Jo.

Instead, it’s Mer who takes a leading role in helping Karev contain the escalating crisis. The good news? Mer informs Alex that Andrew did not sustain any serious brain damage in the one-sided brawl. The bad news? The whole thing is nonetheless “really bad,” she warns her bestie. Her dire assessment of the situation is confirmed moments later when Alex runs into another colleague (nope, still not Jo!) and realizes that the jig is, for all intents and purposes, already up.

Press PLAY above and then promptly hit the comments with answers to the following burning questions: Do you think Alex is jail-bound? Is Mer doing the right thing by not turning him in? And lastly, where the frak is Jo?!

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