Legend of Master Legend: John Hawkes Circling Title Role in Amazon Comedy

John Hawkes Legend of Master Legend

Deadwood vet John Hawkes is eyeing the title role in The Legend of Master Legend, a half-hour comedy pilot at Amazon, TVLine has learned.

The potential series is based on the real-life “superhero” known as Master Legend, who entered the national spotlight in 2008 when he was the subject of a Rolling Stone profile. by Joshuah Bearman. In a nutshell, the Orlando-based vigilante — who sports a silver and black uniform — patrols the streets, gives (his time) to charity and, allegedly, has assisted local authorities in apprehending criminals. He even has a sidekick named Ace.

Master Legend’s personal fighting style is called “The Way of the Diamond Spirit,” which, he told Rolling Stone, represents “an evolution of hand-to-hand combat.” His weapon of choice? A potato gun (aka his “Master Blaster”).

Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster (Transparent) penned the script and James Ponsoldt (The Spectacular Now) is set to direct.

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