UnREAL EP Marti Noxon: Don't Blame Me for That Disappointing Season 2

Confession: I did not know Marti Noxon had completely abandoned Lifetime’s UnREAL after co-writing the Season 2 premiere when I interviewed her Sunday evening on the Emmys red carpet. I had read the reports of creative friction between her and fellow co-creator Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, but I assumed — mistakenly so, it turns out — that she had maintained at least a tangential involvement in the series.

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That misunderstanding led to a somewhat awkward moment toward the end of our brief Q&A, wherein I lightly grilled Noxon about the polarizing reception the drama’s second season received (including from TVLine’s Kim Roots). And she very politely informed me that, well, it was not her fault.

Press PLAY on the video above and then promptly hop in a shower to wash off all the secondary ickiness.

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