Orphan Black EP, Cast Talk Final Season Theme, Tackle 'Touchy' Clone Question

When the cast and executive producer of Orphan Black weren’t rehearsing the infamous Taylor Swift/Kanye West moment that they planned to recreate when Tatiana Maslany won her Emmy Sunday, they dropped some serious intel about the series’ fifth and final season.

“We try and explore a new branch of contemporary science every year,” co-showrunner Graeme Manson told TVLine’s Michael Ausiello on the red carpet, “and this year… we’re looking at prolongevity and life extension, which is a very interesting and topical science right now.”

Manson was less forthcoming on the subject of new clones. “That’s a touchy question,” he said before Jordan Gavaris came to his rescue, suggesting that there may not be “new” clones, just clones that are “out there and we haven’t met them yet.”

Also in the Q&A, the actors pepper their boss with their own touchy questions (“How naked do we all get, and when?”) and quite accurately predict their castmate’s victory. Press PLAY on the video above to check out the whole interview.