Connie Britton on Nashville Exit Talk: 'What I Can Tell You Is… '

Could it be that we’ve all counted out Rayna Jaymes just a little too soon?

Though it’s been widely reported that Connie Britton will be leaving Nashville midway through Season 5 (the former ABC drama’s first on CMT), “I don’t know where that stuff came from,” the actress told TVLine’s Michael Ausiello Sunday on the Emmy red carpet. “It’s kind of crazy the things that come out.”

While neither confirming her early exit from the series nor really denying it, Britton did state unequivocally that, with thirtysomething alumni Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz having taken over as showrunners, the musical drama was heading into “the best season we’ve ever had” with “the best writing we’ve ever seen.”

Press PLAY on the video above to find out what else the Friday Night Lights vet had to say before she dashed off to find her former leading man, birthday boy Kyle Chandler.

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