Exorcist Stars, EP Warn 'Evil Is Acting Out in the Real World' — Watch Video

Don’t let Geena Davis’ warm smile and gentle tone in this exclusive Exorcist first look video fool you: Fox’s upcoming adaptation of the classic horror movie is pee-yer-pants, sleep-with-the-light-on scary.

As the Oscar winner explains in the clip, her new series exists in the same universe as William Peter Blatty’s novel and the subsequent film adaptation, a place “where there is a chance that evil and the devil and demons exist and are bubbling under the surface and ready to jump up and take over people who are vulnerable to it.”

Davis, as well as co-stars Alfonso Herrera and Ben Daniels and executive producer/writer Jeremy Slater, also tease the “psychological thriller” aspect of the creep-fest — but you may get distracted by the flaming human appendages, possessed children and kamikaze birds that fill the screen.

The Exorcist premieres Friday, Sept. 23, at 9/8c. Press PLAY on the video above for a hellish first glimpse.

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