Nathan Kress to Finally Settle iCarly Love Triangle on Nick's Game Shakers

Nathan Kress iCarly

It’s been four years since iCarly ended its successful run on Nickelodeon, but inquiring minds still want to know: Which girl did Freddie really like more, Carly or Sam?

In fact, TVLine can exclusively reveal that this very question is the basis for an upcoming episode of Nick’s Game Shakers — which returns for Season 2 on Sept. 17 at 8:30/7:30c — as the Shakers literally track down actor Nathan Kress to finally get an answer. (Yeah, they’re not messing around.)

In addition to guest-starring as himself, Kress also serves as the episode’s director. He tells TVLine:

This week was such a blast for me. I never thought that I would have the opportunity to direct a project that I’m also acting in, at least so early in my career. I’m so excited for the opportunity to stretch myself on both sides of the camera. This week was very challenging but with the help of an immensely supportive cast and crew, I think we made a great show. The concept of the episode, and the little Easter Eggs we included definitely brought back the iCarly nostalgia. I even had the added bonus of getting to direct my wife in the episode, as well!

For those unfamiliar, Game Shakers — also created by iCarly mastermind Dan Schneider — revolves around a group of kids who run their own mobile gaming company in Brooklyn.

While we wait for the episode to premiere, let’s hear your thoughts on this delicate matter: Do you think Freddie was more into Carly or Sam? Drop a comment with your ‘ship of choice below.

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