Power Sneak Peek: Ghost Finally Tells Angela the Truth (Kinda)

James “Ghost” St. Patrick: the eternal optimist?

Why else would he greet his furious ex, Angela, with a hopeful “Hey. How are you?” in this exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s Power? Because we’re pretty sure he knows what he did

Regardless, the Assistant U.S. Attorney doesn’t wanna hear it, and instead demands that Ghost cough up the name of the person who helped him locate Lobos. (Only she does it with more colorful language than that.)

“When they find him, he’s gonna give you up,” Angela warns her former boyfriend — and when he kinda-sorta tells her who his mole is… let’s just say she doesn’t get any happier.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the uncomfortable exchange — are those two having any other kind these days? — and then hit the comments with your thoughts on how Angela’s predicament might play out.

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