Beauty and the Beast Series Finale Sneak Peek: Don't Mess With Cat!

What will it take for Beauty and the Beast‘s titular twosome to finally (finally) attain “happily ever after?”

Heading into the CW drama’s Season 4 finale aka series finale (titled “Au Revoir” and airing Thursday at 9/8c), Vincent and Catherine (played by Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk) have two tasks left on their seemingly never-ending to-do list: stop a bombing planned by Braxton (Beastmaster‘s Marc Singer) to cover his tracks, and hunt down Braxton himself, to ensure an end to beastmaking once and for all.

In the exclusive sneak peek above, Vincent and Catherine have their eye on the personal assistant to the crown prince who is last cabal member yet to be snuffed by Braxton. Because to gain access to the prince is to possibly thwart the deadly bombing.

Can Cat make a “convincing” argument for the gent to do their bidding, and if so, how? Press play above to find out!

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