Westworld: New Trailer Promises Sex, Guns... and Plenty of Robots

Sweet dreams are… definitely not made of these gorgeous, disturbing images featured in Westworld‘s latest trailer.

The new “Dreams” promo for HBO’s hotly anticipated sci-fi drama (posted above) offers a closer look at what visitors encounter when they arrive at the high-tech theme park: a stunningly detailed recreation of the Old West, with lifelike robots offering the chance to engage in authentic gunfights — and even a wild whorehouse orgy. (This does air on HBO, after all.)

But not all the robots are happy to play along. In the clip, we see fair-haired android Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) locked in an intense philosophical discussion with the park’s mastermind, Dr. Robert Ford (Sir Anthony Hopkins). With Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams” strumming in the background, Ford quizzes Dolores on what she thinks is happening.

“Have you been dreaming again, Dolores?” Ford asks. She only responds with a single tear rolling down her (synthetic) face.

So do these Wild West androids dream of electric cattle? We’ll find out when Westworld premieres Oct. 2.

Will you tune in when Westworld debuts next month? Pull the trigger in the comments.

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