Labor Day Countdown: 10 Characters Whose Jobs Suck Worse Than Yours

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If you think your job is bad, allow television to say to you four little words: It could be worse.

That’s right, even if your work is boring, your hours, insane, and your boss, a beast, someone on the small screen is always — literally, always — having a crummier time of it than you.

So what if your company’s vision plan amounts to “squint harder” and its idea of a Christmas bonus is a cracked candy cane. It’s probably been a while since your supervisor brought a barbed-wire-covered baseball bat to your performance evaluation (a la The Walking Dead) or tasked you with bathing their grown son (as has happened on Another Period)!

And, if those notions alone don’t put your position in perspective (when you’ve finished shuddering, that is), perhaps the gallery below will do the trick. It’s TVLine’s Labor Day countdown of characters whose jobs totally suck worse than yours.

Just click below to get started checking out our picks from Outlander, Veep, Grey’s Anatomy and more, then hit the comments with the beleaguered small-screen employee(s) that you’d pink-slip us for having omitted from the list!

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