Killjoys Finale Sneak Peek: Has Dutch Found Her Devilish Doppelgänger?

“The devil” is in fact in the details, Dutch learns in this sneak peek from the Season 2 finale of Syfy’s Killjoys.

In the episode “How to Kill Friends and Influence People” (airing Friday at 9/8c), Dutch has learned that an actual Mother Tree, as worshiped by the Scarbacks, somehow plays an instrumental role in whatever the Sixes have planned for the Quad. As such, the location of the tree could also lead them to Aneela aka “The Devil” whom 12 monks famously, futilely battled long ago.

In the exclusive sneak peek above, Dutch surprises Alvis with the notion that the Mother Tree might actually exist — and the sacred tome before them, she discovers, might have hidden a clue to its and thus Aneela’s whereabouts.

Watch the clip above and share your latest theory on Aneela aka Dutch’s mysterious apparent doppelgänger.


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