Pretty Little Liars Trailer Teases A.D.'s Reveal in the Final 10 Episodes

Pretty Little Liars Season 7B

Following Tuesday’s summer finale, Pretty Little Liars fans have seven long months to wait until the final 10 episodes air in 2017. Fortunately, Freeform knows we’re not the most patient breed.

The network has already released a trailer for the drama’s final run, which hints at a number of developments, including Spencer’s post-gunshot fate and the identity of A.D. (last seen driving off with Jenna in the back of his/her van.)

The summer finale, as you now know, revealed Spencer to be Mary Drake’s mysterious second child. It also bid farewell to Noel Kahn(‘s head) and confirmed what we’ve been suspecting for weeks: Alison is pregnant!

So it goes without saying that Season 7B has its work cut out for it. (As for me, I’m just happy to finally have some answers for this show.)

Watch the new trailer below, then browse our gallery of stills and drop a comment with your hopes for Season 7B.

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