Kiss and Make Up Day: TV Duos Who Really Need to Get It Together Already!

Elton John sure called it when he sang “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word.”

For some people, admitting that they let a little disagreement turn into a big fight — much less walking back words spoken shouted in anger — is as impossible as it is necessary.To help such tortured twosomes embrace forgiveness versus grudges, National Kiss and Make Up Day was established.

Those who most badly need that nudge just might be the TV couples featured in the photo gallery below. Whether as friends or lovers, the currently estranged couples — ranging from Arrow‘s partners in crimefighting to Once Upon a Time‘s supernaturally separated, from Scandal‘s see-sawing sweethearts to The Originals‘ busted-up best buds — are made for each other. Yet, rather than let bygones be bygones, they sulk and brood… and, in at least one case, make disastrous decisions about with whom to have revenge sex!

Click on the first picture to start scrolling through our picks for pairs that really need to get it together already, and when you’re done, hit the comments with any omissions that you would have included.